Why i need SEO rather than Newspaper, Radio, Television and other Traditional Marketing?

Most of the Business or Company are already familiar in Internet. It is a waste of time in spending your money with traditional marketing. Because the amount you spend in a Newspaper Advertisement for one day is very expensive comparing to Internet Marketing. Example: If you spend 30000 INR / 450 USD for one day newspaper advertisement, it may reach only the people buy and read that newspaper on that day. You are losing more customers or clients in traditional marketing.

If you try Internet Marketing services for your website or business page, it will be live for 24/7 and 365 days. Start your Search Engine Optimization services for your company website and get more visitors to your website even when you are out of office. SEO or Internet Marketing companies like us promote your website regularly and show the best results on Google first page.

What Online Promotion does Web Rifer Technologies works for a Company or Website?

We assign a team for your Website or company online promotion for better ranking and ROI (Return on Investment). Therefore our team will be handling:

  • Link Submissions (Directories, Classifieds, Comments)
  • Image Promotion
  • Content Writing in blog pages
  • Slide Creation and Submission
  • Article submission
  • Press Release websites
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Media Optimization is included in our Services (for receving Social Signals)
  • Other SEO Submissions for getting organic backlinks

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Does Web Rifer has qualified Internet Marketing professionals?

Yes, our Internet Marketing team is Google certified Individuals with 4+ year experience. They work dedicate for assigned clients for better ranking in Google Search Engine and Social Media pages. You can verify our Google certifications shared in our Web Rifer Social media page.

Where does your Company target?

Local / Domestic / International. You can choose any plan that matches your requirements. If you are not sure about targeting your clients / customers location, we will help you by researching your company categories and provide the right plan to start SEO services by us. Most of the Search Engine Optimization services are location based keywords. Therefore we find your audience location and promote your website for them. Finally your audience converted as Clients or Customers by our Online promotion.

Local SEO

Does your business target local audience specifically in any area within the city? If so, you need to drive traffic by targeting to specific local areas. This will help you to reach them easily by doing Google Local SEO Services. Our Web Rifer team is expertise in Google Local SEO online promotion. Feel free to contact our team to Sell or target right audience for best business services.

Organic Web Results

Below the Google Ads, the first top 5 organic results gets more calls and enquiries. Hence you need to focus on Google Web Results. This techniques is used by city, state, country or international. The more you expand your location, the cost for SEO services will increase. But the major advantage is you do not need to pay Google. Pay only to Web Rifer Technologies for maintenance.

YouTube SEO

We create short videos related to your business or products and promote in google web results for best conversion. Videos get more hits than Published Text content. These short videos are promoted to rank on first page of Google. We charge you affordable fees for Video SEO. We not only promote YouTube videos but also promote Vimeo and Dailymotion.

3rd party website SEO

If you do not have a website for your business, we help you to promote your business information by publishing in third party websites and promote that website link to rank in Google first page. Once a 3rd party website is ranked, we start with the different 3rd party website promotion. This will help your business to rank 2 or more time for a keyword in first page of Google.

SEO Training

We provide best SEO training in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and other places in India. Our Search Engine Optimization training is provided outside India like USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Canada and other Asian countries. Online SEO training is conducted for International and Domestic trainees. All the trainers for SEO are Google Certified trainers.