Google Adwords

If you have a plan to receive traffic and gain conversions through PPC (Pay Per Click), we request you to follow our instructions on spending your daily and monthly Budget. We will inform you the average minimum amount you spend monthly for your website.

We charge maintenance cost for creating, managing, analyzing, tracking and delivering the best search results. Google Adwords is not only about creating campaign and set budget and bidding value for one time. It must be monitored and managed all the time. We have Google Adwords Certified professionals manage your campaigns for best conversions and ROI. The amount you spend for Google Adwords vary according to the business categories, location, time and season.

Do you promise for Higher Traffic and Best Conversions?

Yes, we promise but you need to have sufficient funds in your campaign to avoid disapperaing ads from Google results. If your balance reaches zero, your Ads will disappear and your ads will be again enabled after you transfer funds to your Campaign. But We will let you know before your amount reaches zero through Call or Email.

Facebook Advertising

Huge traffic driving through Social Media Marketing gives best leads and converions. Your brand name will become popular in short time. If you are selling products or promoting your services, Facebook Advertising is the right platform for success. An image or video created for your business may reach any people in the world. Your Ads stay 24/7 and share detailed information about your business to the right people. You allow Facebook to find the right people by setting targeted location, targeted people by gender, age and their interests. There are more techniques hidden in Facebook Advertising which cannot be managed by an individual without the knowledge of Facebook Advertising. Therefore we at Web Rifer work for you by maintaining and tracking your Facebook campaign for best traffic and conversions.