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Top 6 reasons White Hat SEO produce best results


White Hat SEO produce best results

Grey Hat / Black Hat – Quick Wins in Search Engine results is followed by Grey Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques. It is not advisable to use these Grey or Black hat SEO techniques. As per Google guidelines, follow the White Hat SEO instructions for best results in long term. Your website ranking may not be degraded by Google algorithm if your website is optimized in Organic White Hat SEO techniques.

Schema – Use Schema concept in your website. This helps search engines to crawl your website quickly and it improves your content visibility in search results. If your website is ready for SEO Services, you can contact Digital Marketing companies for promoting your website on top Google search results. Most of the Internet Marketing companies implement Schema for their website while doing Onpage optimization. You should be clearly informing about Schema coding need to be included in their SEO Services.

https – Apply for https to increase your website ranking. Google confirmed that websites with https gets boost in their ranking by default. However there are other Search Engine Optimization techniques like:

  • Organic Link Building
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Fix Crawl Errors
  • Site Audit
  • Improve Social meta tags
  • Google Local optimization
  • Optimize website for Speed
  • More Content on your website (minimum 700 words / page)
  • Internal Link Building
  • No Follow External Links in your website
  • Country Targeting
  • Create and Publish blogs regularly
  • Complete Onpage with Schema and more…. (updated 17-March/2016)

After changing from http to https, you need to make sure that canonical tags, blocked urls in robots.txt etc to be fixed or modfied for https. You may get slow down issues in https. For that you need to have best speed web server. Older applications may give trouble in https. The major 2 SSL certificates that works best are Standard Validation SSL and Extended Validation SSL.

Check your Web Hosting is always Up – Most of the website owners go for cheap and shared web hosting. This leads to timeout or 500 server error codes. The advertiser or a publisher of a website try to display their websites in search engine for better ranking, but when there is a web server error, the money you spent for internet marketing is useless. Therefore try to upload and maintain your website files at best web hosting company.

Responsive / Mobile friendly – It is mandatory to convert your normal website to Responsive design. Most of the internet visitors use Mobile and Tablet devices. If your website is not Responsive, they may feel difficulty in accessing your website. Before starting your website design or SEO services with any company, you need to inform them to convert normal web design to Responsive.

Website Content Publish – You need to promote your website in Offpage Optimization techniques like Article Submission, Blog Submission, Press Release Submission, Video Publishing, Slide Creation and Submission etc. These different types of Offpage promotion may help your website ranking on top search results. This is the recommended White Hat Google Organic SEO promotion.


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