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Competitive Analysis for best Online Conversion

Identifying, Gathering information and analyzing all the information about sales or service of a company is called as Competitive analysis. This analysis may result in knowing the strength and weakness of a company that helps you to follow the strength practices to your company. These Online promotion activities of your competitor can be easily monitored from Search Engine and Social Media promotion.

Competitive Analysis

Why competitive analysis is important for Internet Marketing?

In Search Engine Optimization, the first process is Competitive analysis (Analyzing your Competitor). By following the correct methods of competitor analysis strategies, your website ranking and conversions may be high.

Steps for Competitive Analysis

  • Identify your potential competitors in Internet.
  • Organic – Take a list of Search Engine ranking competitors with top search results for high search volume keywords related to your industry and also verify competitors with high volume of Subscribers in Social Media pages.
  • Inorganic – This list is taken to find your competitors advertised online by paying to advertisers. Example: Google Adwords in Search Engine and Facebook Advertising in Social Media.
  • Compare the top ranking competitors and list them in order.
  • Compare by verifying their domain age (when they bought domain? this will help you to know how long their business is available in internet).
  • Facebook subscribers, Twitter followers, Google or Bing local maps business listing etc to know their strength and targeted audience.
  • Check their website SEO backlinks in total numbers.
  • Do they use Schema for their website? Find this to apply for your products or services.
  • You get a list of keywords after analyzing your competitors from search engine. This will help you to work for your website SEO and rank easily in short period.
  • And you also know about your competitor social media promotion by analyzing their pages in Facebook, Twitter and other pages.

Competitive Analysis Tools

For Competitors: Alexa – http://www.alexa.com

Identify Keywords: SEMrush – www.semrush.com

Identify Rankings: Authority Labs – https://authoritylabs.com/

Identify Popularity: MOZ SEO Toolbar – https://moz.com/tools/seo-toolbar

Keyword Suggestion tool: http://tools.seochat.com/tools/suggest-tool/

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