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SEO in 2018: 4 Big Algo Updates Changing The Content Conversation


 It’s 2018. Google is now older than millions of its daily users. It’s no longer the cold 10 blue links but more of a refined, sophisticated experience that shapes our lives – and it looks way cooler. Year over year, Google is launching nearly 2,000 search changes, including real-time experiments, […]

What is AMP Project (Accelerated Mobile Pages Project) ?


 AMP is fundamentally about making the web into a better document format, at the cost of abandoning some of the features that made the mobile web an application platform. Architecturally, the main thing that AMP does is to get rid of Javascript. Javascript is the main thing that made pages […]

Samsung J3 price India, Reviews, Features, Specifications


 Samsung J3 Price, Features & Specfications Samsung J3 Specifications & Features Highlights – 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty – With S Bike Mode – Screen Size : 12.7 cm (5) – 1.5 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM – 1.5 Ghz Quad Core Processor – 8 MP Rear & 5 MP […]

Blackberry launching Android Smartphones


 After the dispatch of their premium cell phone prior, the Priv, prior in January, BlackBerry is presently expressing it’s wanting to dispatch two mid-range Android cell phones later on. The organization CEO said the new phones would cost between US $300 to $400. In a meeting with The National, organization […]

iPhone 6 Black and White Screen, fixed, solution


 Solution No.1: Grayscale How often you unintentionally turned something on, on your iPhone 6? 2 times? and this time, it may be Grayscale. Here is the easy steps to fix this issue: – Go to Settings app, and tap General – Choose Accessibility – Set Grayscale to off Solution No.2: […]

iPhone Voice breaking up during Call


 Solution No.1: Toggle Airplane mode To do this, go to Settings, turn on the Airplane mode, and turn it off once more. Solution No.2: Reboot your iPhone If your iPhone is not rebooted recently, that may cause some issues. You can try by holding Wake / Sleep buton + power […]

Google Onpage SEO tricks for 2016


 What does On-page Optimization really implies in less demanding terms? “Anything that you do on a page/site utilizing White-cap SEO that specifically (or in a roundabout way) builds SERP is approached page Optimization.” You may have as of now perused about: extemporizing meta labels/depiction responsive plan speedier stacking page speed […]

Every Small Business must have a Website


 Why Small Business also must have a Website? If you need to increase sales and conversions for more profit, you must have a website for your business. It is not possible in large numbers to get orders or sell your product through Traditional Marketing. Your business must have a website […]

Useful SEO Tools 2016 by Web Rifer Technologies


          Appspector: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d…jjekpignblkeaed A great tool to find on which application your website is built. Canonical: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d…obibjbdobjbhbo Check canonical urls using Google Chrome plugin. Redirect Path: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d…ggjokdkkebmdll Find redirect path easily by installing this Google Chrome plugin. META SEO Inspector: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d…bmohobjkcfkaef Easy to find your Meta SEO onpage with this […]

Rank high in Google Places, Google Maps, Google Business, Google Local SEO tips


 What is Google My Business? It is also called as Google Places, Google Business, Google Local etc. Ranking your Business in Google by displaying your Business Address, Contact Number, Google Plus page and Website url. It is mainly displayed on targeted city or local area in a country. Now Google My […]

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